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underfloor heating repair in melbourne home

We perform the service and repair of all types of underfloor heating including:

  • Hydronic
  • Electric
  • In Slab
  • In Screed
  • Under concrete, tiles, floorboards and carpet

underfloor heating service in melbourne property


Underfloor heating is fantastic way to heat Melbourne homes throughout the cooler months. It’s like an electric blanket for your feet – no more waking up in the morning to freezing cold bathroom tiles!

Underfloor heating service and repair can be complicated for the inexperienced due to the layout of components above and under the floor. Fortunately many problems can be identified and repaired from above the floor. This is performed by testing of electrical and hydronic components to identify any faults or inefficiencies, and using infrared equipment to search for hot and cold spots in your floor.


Underfloor Heating Repairs

Common faults we repair include:

  • Thermostat failure
  • Floor sensor failure
  • A tripped circuit breaker in the power panel
  • Heating cable fault
  • Flow meters not operating within recommended ranges or failing to provide any circulation
  • Airlock
  • Underfloor heating leak repair
  • Underfloor heating mat repair
  • Debris in pipes
  • Excessive pressure in the system
  • Poor connection to manifold port
  • Poor installation and setup
  • Pressure leaks in pipes


Underfloor Heating Service

Common tasks include:

  • Power flush – recommended every 5 years for hydronic systems to maintain efficiency and prevent blockages, corrosion and boiler damage
  • Inspection of boiler, thermostat, cables and sensor components
  • Testing to ensure consistent temperatures throughout all heated areas


Melbourne winters can be freezing! That’s why our underfloor heating technicians are located throughout Melbourne to provide you with a prompt and professional response.

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