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In most cases, Hydronic Heating is one of the most reliable, energy-efficient and long-lasting forms of home heating. However, when you need urgent heating repairs in Melbourne, Nortan will provide a prompt response to your call. With many years of experience with all brands and access to a vast supply of parts, we will strive to repair your hydronic heating system cost-effectively with a warranty and ensure you receive the best return on investment, before considering any replacement.

Hydronic Heating Repairs

Our technicians are located throughout all parts of Melbourne to provide timely hydronic heating repairs, even on weekends and evenings. We take a preventative maintenance approach by repairing and maintaining your entire system to prevent sudden breakdowns and more costly replacement further down the line. We perform repair tasks such as:

  • Fixing water leaks
  • Fixing low temperature through power flushing or repairing faults in the boiler or thermostat
  • Repairing Hydronic Heating System which is slow to heat up or won’t heat at all by performing tasks such as power flushing, gas boiler testing, radiant heat inspection.
  • Rectifying faults in the gas line
  • Repairing faults in the timer

Hydronic Heating Service

Common service tasks include:

  • Inspect the system for air, air pockets can cause rust and lead to increased running costs
  • Inspect pressure levels of water, gas and expansion tank
  • Inspect system for leaks and repair any which are found
  • Inspect headers and timers – repair or replace if necessary
  • Inspect the boiler unit
  • Inspect the operating temperature of the system

If the system has poor water quality, low temperature or muck in the panels, a power flush will be performed. We advise that a power flush is performed every five years to prevent these issues from arising and reducing your level of comfort during winter.

To reduce the likelihood of blockages and boiler troubles, we recommend performing a yearly hydronic heating service. Preventative maintenance will provide you with decades of warmth and reduce your chances of being caught out in the cold!

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Hydronic Heating Installation

Hydronic Heating is one of the most comfortable forms of central heating, working away in the background without any noise or draft. Hydronic Heating works by re-circulating water from a boiler into radiators or convectors located throughout your home.

Nortan installs many Hydronic Floor Heating systems throughout Melbourne homes – it is easy to see why it is so popular! Hydronic Underfloor Heating is one of the most reliable forms of heating – with fewer moving parts, there is no wonder you still see them running smoothly in many homes which are 40-years old!

Hydronic Heating is also ideal for those with allergies or asthma, as it does not blow out any air. Those who value their peace and serenity will find Hydronic Heating solutions to be quiet and discreet.

There are many forms of Hydronic System, we can help you decide which is best for your home:

Hot Water Boiler

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Most now come in modern designs with electronic temperature controls and digital display. These can be installed indoors or outdoors and have electronic ignition instead of a pilot. Hot Water Boilers pump water to radiators or convectors throughout your house.


Natural Convector or Skirting Board Convector

No moving parts make this a quiet, maintenance-free option. The outer panels will become warm but stay at a temperature safe enough for young hands to touch.


Panel Radiator

Panel Radiators provide heat in two ways – radiation and convection. Hot water enters the panels from a central unit, which radiates the room with warmth. Cool air enters the heating panels and as it passes through, warm air passes out the top. Panel Radiators provide an even and comfortable heat which has made them a household favourite for decades!

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