Heating Duct Cleaning

Regular heating duct cleaning is highly recommended and important to protect those inside your home from illness and nasty odours. Our ducted heating specialists are located throughout Melbourne to provide you with great service and quick response.

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Heating Duct Cleaning Services Include

Removal and cleaning of bacteria and mould, which builds up over time, leaving a dirty ducts. Areas subjected to significant moisture and lack of airflow can experience increased levels of harmful airborne mould spores and bacteria.

  • Vent cleaning of dust and dirt, mites, spider webs, pollens, spores and other natural inhabitants. These develop naturally over time in an air duct system.
  • Removal of insects and other pests such as silverfish, mosquitos, fleas, spiders, cockroaches and mice. These can live inside your air ducts where they breed and leave biological matter.
  • Clean your ducted system from odours which have entered the heating ducts and become trapped. This includes odours from cooking, cigarette smoking and from a prolonged lack of fresh air.
  • Removal of obstructions which pose as a fire hazard or could reduce heating performance and efficiency.
  • Heated cleaning and sanitising of air ducts and filters.

Benefits of Heating Duct System Cleaning

An annual heating duct cleaning can make your home a safer and more pleasant place to live during Melbourne's cooler months.

  • When bacteria and mould accumulate inside your heating ducts, airborne spores become circulated throughout your home. This can cause asthma and other respiratory infections and breathing problems.
  • Dust can cause sneezing, blocked noses and allergic reactions.
  • Odours can start inside your air ducts or enter your air ducts in one room and become spread throughout your house.
  • Having your ductworks cleaned each year will prevent more extensive repairs or replacement in the future.

Unlike other duct cleaning companies, we can also perform carbon monoxide testing, as well as any ducted heating service and repairs if required.

ducted heating cleaning in Melbourne house

Why you should trust Nortan for Heating Duct Cleaning?

We have over 15 years' experience in providing air duct cleaning services and duct repairs for Melbourne residents. Our technicians are located throughout the north, south, west and eastern suburbs to provide you with timely heater cleaning and customer service.

Unlike many heating duct cleaners, we are licensed and qualified to repair heating and cooling systems. This means that we can give you an overall appraisal of the health of your heating system.

If it doesn't actually require duct cleaning or changing air filters and needs work elsewhere, we have the ability to inform you about this.

Nortan can also provide other services of air conditioning systems such as evaporative cooling.

If you are looking for a new installation or emergency service, talk to our team now or:

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