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Melbourne can reach sweltering temperatures throughout summer and spring; at Nortan we understand that when you contact a technician for evaporative cooling repairs, you need the right solution in a timely manner!

There is nothing worse than turning on your evaporative cooling system after not using it for a long period, and finding that it does not work!

Not only does an ineffective cooling system create an uncomfortable atmosphere in your home, those who suffer from hay fever and allergies often depend on evaporative cooling to create fresh, cool air throughout their homes.

Nortan have conducted evaporative cooling servicing and repairs throughout Melbourne for a number of years, with our technicians developing a great level of experience with all leading brands.

Our technicians are located in throughout Melbourne’s East, West, South and North – we can be at your house ready to conduct evaporative cooling repairs as soon as you need us!

Through troubleshooting and maintaining your system, we always aim to repair your evaporative cooling unit whenever possible, and will not recommend installation of a new evaporative cooling system unless this becomes absolutely necessary.

Signs your Evaporative Cooling requires repairs:

Unit does not start

  • Blown fuse
  • breaker has tripped
  • Damage to wiring

Unusual Odour

  • Stagnant water or mildew. This can often cause mould, which leads to mould spores being circulated through the air in your home which is harmful for respiratory health.

Airflow has decreased

  • The exhaust ducts are blocked
  • Loose belt
  • Dry pads
  • Blocked pads from build-up of dirt and grime


A well maintained system will last for decades, providing you with that refreshing ‘sea breeze’ feeling that only evaporative cooling can provide.

Ensuring your evaporative cooling system is well maintained will actually save you money in the long run! Cooling units which are in poor condition have to work harder to produce cool air, using more electricity and water, and putting more pressure on the system, accelerating wear and tear on other components.

Regular servicing of evaporative cooling systems are also crucial for the health of those in your home. As water is a key component used in the cooling process, faulty systems may not fully drain water after use. This can lead to mould forming, with mould spores being blown through your home the next time the system is in use. This often causes sickness to your circulatory system, particularly in young children.

Another common task we perform during servicing is checking the cooling pads for dirt and grime. This can be easily drawn into the system, where it builds up on the pads. When the pads become blocked they loose their ability to emit cool air. Fortunately in most cases cleaning the pads is a simple task which you’ll be glad you requested.

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Evaporative Cooling Installation


Many homeowners choose an evaporative cooling installation over other forms of cooling. Why is that?

Evaporative cooling is one of the most cost-effective ways to cool your home! The price of the system is often far less than a split or ducted system. Running costs can be up to 90% less. With this little power needed, many will fit solar panels after their evaporative cooling installation to reduce their running costs even more.

Evaporative cooling creates air with a level of humidity (don’t worry, not too much!) which is beneficial to those who suffer from hay fever or allergies, which can become inflamed from the excessively dry air.

Evaporative cooling works by drawing in the hot air from outside and filtering it through moist pads that act to cool the air. This air is then blown through a fan into your home for you to enjoy.

This is much like the sea breeze you may have felt while being close to the ocean. Hot air blows over the water, causing a small portion of water to evaporate and soak up the heat. This evaporation cools the air, creating the sea breeze. See the similarity?

Arrange to speak to a Nortan cooling expert to discuss the best form of evaporative cooling installation in your home.