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gas heater service and repair

Is your ducted heating system not providing the same level of warmth it used to? Or are your running costs rising through the roof?

Melbourne winters are very chilly!  When the ducted heating stops working, it requires urgent action.

Many of our clients tell us they thought their ducted gas heating system was old and needed replacing. However, in most cases, an older system will continue to keep your house warm during the winter months with a regular ducted heating service and simple repairs.


Nortan HVAC technicians are located throughout Melbourne:

  • Northern Suburbs
  • South Eastern Suburbs
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Western suburbs
  • and inner-city areas

providing a speedy response to your central heating issues making your home warm and comfortable again.

ducted heating service & repairs

You may require ducted heating repairs if the following occurs:

  • Blowing cold air when the temperature is set for warm
  • Blowing weaker air than usual
  • Walls or surfaces surrounding the air ducts and piping become hot or discoloured
  • Build-up of mould and dust
  • Loud noises or noises which are different from normal
  • Strange smells, particularly gas-like smells such as carbon monoxide


Carbon monoxide test

At Nortan, we understand that rules and health and safety requirements are always changing in the heating industry. Carbon monoxide leakage is a danger to yourself and your family, we can spot this and take prompt action to remove the hazard immediately.

Ducted Heating Repair Melbourne

We conduct ducted heater repairs quickly and professionally as our experienced team are well versed with all brands including but not limited to:

  • Brivis ducted heating
  • Braemar ducted heating
  • Bonaire ducted heating.

We carry parts for old and new systems ensuring you are not kept waiting in the cold waiting for parts.

A Ducted Heating Service will include:

  • An inspection of overall unit performance and airflow
  • Check for cracks and holes
  • Test gas pressure
  • Remove and clean burner components and fan
  • Test burner and pilot ignition
  • Test carbon monoxide levels
  • Cleaning filters


If you are simply looking to clean your air ducts or remove a nasty odour coming from your ventilation system, we can offer you quick heating duct cleaning. The ducted heating service costs can vary depending on each situation. Feel free to call us for a quick quote at any time.

Ducted Heating Installation

Occasionally we find systems that are beyond economical repair. Once all options have been exhausted, we can discuss your options to install a new ducted heating system.

Alternately, you may already have a ducted heating system and wish to also have a cooling system implemented, keeping your entire house cool in the summer.

When ducts are strategically placed throughout the house, homeowners can enjoy even air distribution, as opposed to split system heating which will take a longer period of time to heat an open living area or large room.

Many had previously thought that ducted heating was expensive to run, nowadays this is not the case. Selecting one of the many 4 to 7 star rated energy-saving models, and carefully placing air vents in strategic locations provides an effective and efficient heating solution in the long run.

Thermostats are used to monitor and control the temperature, which allows you to keep areas such as the living room warm and the bedroom a couple of degrees cooler.

Gas ducted systems, with regular service, also produce a less irritating form of heat, making this more suitable for those who suffer from asthma or allergies. This is due to the form of heat created being moister, as opposed to reverse cycle systems which create dry air, and wood heaters which create a dry and dusty environment in your house.

Many also find that ducted heating is less obtrusive to the aesthetics of your home in comparison to a split system that occupies a large space on your wall - also known as wall-mounted systems. Ducted split systems only occupy unused roof space or ceiling space.

If you use multi-split system air conditioners, the system will blow cool air across multiple rooms. This system usually needs one outdoor unit for multiple indoor units, cutting down the installation costs. These systems operate in a highly energy-efficient way compared to normal split systems.

With ducted air conditioners or ducted air conditioning systems, you can control the entire system for your home with a single remote control.

Ducted Heating Service Melbourne

Under regular maintenance, a ducted heating unit provides a comfortable and cosy form of heating for your whole house during winter. Some heating solutions restrict you to one room, while ducted heating allows your whole house to stay warm and liveable throughout winter.

With superb customer service, Nortan has supplied and performed ducted heating installations and repair services in homes throughout Melbourne. Our technicians are happy to visit your residence, discuss your requirements and recommend a heating solution for your property.

With years of experience, Nortan Heating and Cooling also specialise in a wide range of cooling and heating systems:

for Melbourne home owners and all air conditioning system brands.

Contact us to request an appointment or find out more! Have your heating and cooling systems serviced with Nortan.