Commercial Air Conditioning Installation 


Having trouble maintaining satisfactory heating or air conditioning temperatures in your office, factory, showroom or warehouse, or suffering from poor air quality? We can help!

Commercial Air Conditioning Melbourne

Nortan’s large professional team of service technicians have assisted many developers with efficient, rapid air conditioning and heating unit installations.

Commercial and industrial developments need more power than residential aircon and heating systems. Nortan will be able to create specific design and installation of commercial systems with greater flow through and power, with cost-effective solutions in mind.

Our industry contacts help us deliver bulk discounts and cost-efficient, quality industrial air conditioning and heating options, installed to your time frame.

Heating and Air Conditioning for Commercial Uses


We will firstly help you to get the full life out of your current heating and air conditioning solution. However, if your commercial property requires a new heating or cooling solution, we will assist you to determine the best solution for the unique characteristics of your commercial property from a wide range of options - always with both running costs and staff/customer experience in mind.

The following heating and air conditioning systems are examples of some of the units we recommend. However, the solution ultimately recommended for your installation will be determined by the specific attributes of your commercial property.

Duct Heaters

Suitable for commercial applications in solid sheet metal ductwork where there may be a separate fan driving the airflow i.e. evaporative coolers for spaces that require energy-efficient large amounts of fresh air, such as a smoking room.

Unit Heaters

Suitable for economically heating warehouse/factory space. The compact unit can be suspended from the purlins, require a gas connection LPG or natural, a PowerPoint and externally flued.

Landmark Rooftop Units

Landmark rooftop unit commercial air conditioning

  • These systems are available with gas heat and reverse cycle air conditioning
  • Installed on a frame mount and flashed into the roof, no external ductwork required
  • Available with power exhaust, fresh air intake, hail guard and economising damper for maximum efficiency



L-series split systemsDaikin L-series split system

  • Available as wall-mounted, floor-standing, ceiling cassette console, and ducted systems
  • Daikin tried and tested the product 
  • Reliable and easy to maintain (clean filters every few months)
  • Very easy to use and to fault find if the system fails
  • Parts are readily available
  • R 410 refrigerant


P Series Daikin

Available as per the L series described above

  • R32 refrigerant
  • Ururu Sahara
  • This system has advanced filtration features
  • Fresh air intake from the condenser where the humidity is controlled
  • Great for small commercial/home office


If you have any problem with your air conditioning units and require repairs and maintenance, contact our team now for emergency air conditioning services or regular preventative maintenance.

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