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Should I Repair or Replace my Air Conditioning Unit?

We discuss whether to repair or buy a new air conditioner for your home or office. You may be surprised!

“Should I replace my air conditioner?” is a question I get asked daily. Nowadays we have become quite comfortable with disposing of items at the first sign of trouble.

Maybe it’s the feeling of having something new, like a new car or lounge suite, or maybe we overuse the mindset that electrical items are not built to last anymore. Either way, if you can save money by repairing instead of replacing, then why not?

  1. Servicing Unit

Many people are shocked to find that most air conditioning problems can be easily fixed and experienced technicians can source replacement parts for most systems, even older ones. Many older systems are actually easier to fix, as much like an old car, they have a simpler design with fewer components and features to cause failure. So just like a car, regular service on your system can increase longevity.

  1. Age of Unit

The main reason when you should replace an air conditioner is if parts for your system are no longer available. If a system is over ten years old, the manufacturer may not provide replacement parts, however, it is worth your time checking with an air conditioning expert who will have access to other sources or may even have their own stock.

 when should I repair my air conditioning unit

  1. R22 Refrigerant

Many air conditioner systems from ten years ago would use an R22 refrigerant, if this starts to leak or needs to be replaced it may be best to replace the air conditioner unit. R22 refrigerants are now hard to come by, as Australia has become one of the first countries to phase out R22 refrigerants due to the ozone-depleting substances they contain. Most air conditioners will specify which refrigerant is used on an external sticker and in the owner’s manual.

However, don’t fret if your air conditioner does use an R22 refrigerant! As long as there are no gas leaks, you have nothing to worry about! Service at least once every two years should keep the system running efficiently and allow you to gain value from your investment.

  1. Are the Filters Clean?

To maintain performance and keep energy costs as low as possible, we recommend cleaning the filter every two months, even more frequently in areas prone to dirt and dust.

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  1. Location of Unit

As strange as it sounds where you locate your air-conditioning unit can have an effect on how it works. If your unit gets exposed to the sun on a regular basis this can have an effect on the efficiency of the system for the long term.

Are you unsure if your air conditioner still has some life left in it? Keen to speak with someone who is open to repairing instead of replacing? Our technicians are located throughout Melbourne and can provide a timely response to your enquiry. Contact us with your questions or make an online booking today!

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