How to never come home to a cold house again!

Do you often come home from work to a freezing cold house? In the middle of winter when we leave work it is often a frantic rush to escape the cold and get home from work as fast as possible. Thoughts of eating a warm, comforting dinner and curling up on the couch and watching TV fill our heads and enable us to survive the stress of peak hour traffic. After a day of mayhem, you just want to relax for the rest of the evening!

The solution to this problem is home automation technology. Not only are our computers and phones connected, but everyday home appliances can now be connected and controlled via our mobile phone or tablet to make our lives more comfortable.

Picture source: Daikin

So when you’re on the train home, it is easy to jump onto the app, select which rooms you would like to heat (or cool on a hot summer day) and select your desired temperature. Timers can also be set and adjusted, so if you decide to eat out for dinner you can delay the heating until you actually need it. Many of the new Daikin air conditioning systems such as the Daikin SkyFi offer this.

Do your electricity bills keep on rising every year? Heating and cooling in Melbourne can be expensive, and monitoring and controlling our energy usage is easier said than done. If you asked most people how many hours a week they have their heating switched on they would struggle to come up with a number. Using the app to set timers, control the temperature and only heating the rooms you are using, can make it easier to control your heating costs.

Having control of the split system from outside of the house not only ensures you can reduce heating costs but also those around you. Do you have an elderly family member that finds their remote control difficult to use? Or teenage children that walk out of the house and leave the heating on? You may manage a small office and find that your employees lock up and leave without turning off the heating? These common problems can now be easily solved!

For further information on how your home or workplace can benefit from a split system installation, contact a member of the Nortan team to speak to a professional.

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