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Common Heating & Cooling Problems

While it is still cold and breezy in Melbourne, technically speaking we are in Spring so don’t expect it to stay this way for much longer. By the time Grand Final day is here, you would have used your air conditioning at least once. Now is the time to ensure it is in working order and contains no unforeseen possums or bugs in the system!

Every year, the team at Nortan is called upon to assist with maintenance and system breakdowns for a wide range of heating and cooling systems within homes and workplaces across Melbourne.

Our technicians have collaborated to create a list of common causes for system failures and service requests that they have encountered throughout their careers. As you will discover, a simple check could be all that was needed to have your system back up and running again, preventing a call-out request and fee.

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Should I Repair or Replace my Air Conditioning Unit?

We discuss whether to repair or buy a new air conditioner for your home or office. You may be surprised!

“Should I replace my air conditioner?” is a question I get asked daily. Nowadays we have become quite comfortable with disposing items at the first sign of trouble.

Maybe it’s the feeling of having something new, like a new car or lounge suite, or maybe we overuse the mindset that electrical items are not built to last anymore. Either way, if you can save money by repairing instead of replacing, then why not?

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10 Heating Tips for Keeping Warm this Winter

Getting home after a long hard winter day, fighting through rain, wind and hail to your living room; how often do we find ourselves running to switch the heating on first, trying to get the house warm and cosy for ourselves and our families? All too often though, the heating just isn’t as warm as it should be. Some areas of the house are colder than others or you just aren’t getting that cosy feeling.

The team at Nortan Heating & Cooling services understands and has some great advice that you can quickly follow to help the warmth to stay inside for as long as possible this winter without blowing out your next energy bill.

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How to never come home to a cold house again!

Do you often come home from work to a freezing cold house? In the middle of winter when we leave work it is often a frantic rush to escape the cold and get home from work as fast as possible. Thoughts of eating a warm, comforting dinner and curling up on the couch and watching TV fill our heads and enable us to survive the stress of peak hour traffic. After a day of mayhem you just want to relax for the rest of the evening!

The solution to this problem is home automation technology. Not only are our computers and phones connected, but everyday home appliances can now be connected and controlled via our mobile phone or tablet to make our lives more comfortable.

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Air Quality – a vital ingredient for productive employees

A recent study by Harvard University found that employees demonstrated 60% to 100% improved cognitive skills when air ventilation and filtration were improved compared to a standard office environment.  That’s a huge improvement in skills!  Air quality will also have an impact on the wellbeing of customers in your showroom, and potentially their propensity to engage or purchase.

The air quality and ventilation of your office or factory is impacted significantly by your choice of heating and cooling systems.

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