Air quality in the workplace significantly improves productivity

Air Quality – a vital ingredient for productive employees

A recent study by Harvard University found that employees demonstrated 60% to 100% improved cognitive skills when air ventilation and filtration were improved compared to a standard office environment.  That’s a huge improvement in skills!  Air quality will also have an impact on the wellbeing of customers in your showroom, and potentially their propensity to engage or purchase.

The air quality and ventilation of your office or factory is impacted significantly by your choice of heating and cooling systems.

The following steps can assist you to provide the best air quality in your work place:

  • Regular servicing of heating and air conditioning units to ensure that filters are clean and doing their job, keeping pollutants out of the air which your staff and customers are breathing.
  • Regular maintenance of heating and air conditioning units, including air balancing, to ensure optimal ventilation and air flow are achieved.
  • Selecting a heating and cooling solution which is appropriate for the size of your office, showroom or warehouse, not only for achieving the correct temperature, but ensuring appropriate air flow throughout all areas of your work place, and introduction of fresh air. A system that recirculates the air, and does not exhaust or introduce fresh air, will result in air becoming stale from body odour, food and drink smells and exhaled air, reducing productivity.
  • Air quality testing to ensure that you are aware of, and can take measures to prevent, the entry of pollutants into your work place.
  • Upgrade of equipment from the Fluorocarbons such as R22 to environmentally friendly refrigerants (R32 and R410a).
  • When changes are made to the seating, desk and wall positions within your commercial premises, installation of ductwork or grills may be required to achieve appropriate airflow, ventilation and temperature within the altered environment.

Nortan technicians are qualified and highly experienced in the provision of cost effective heating and air conditioning maintenance services for commercial buildings, keeping your system running for its full life expectancy and at its optimum performance.  In addition, we are experts in assessing the best solution for your building when your heating and cooling system needs to be replaced.  A fresh/exhaust air system that removes a percentage of the stale air introducing conditioned fresh filtered air, will improve air quality and therefore the productivity of the environment.

Please get in touch so we can help you provide the most productive environment for your staff and customers.

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