With winter on the way, it is time to
have your heater serviced.

gas heater service Melbourne

With winter on the way, it is time to have your heater serviced.

A service should include the following points:

1) Test for electrical safety.

2) Check for carbon monoxide.

3) Check for correct operation.

4) Clean out pressure hoses.

5) Check and clean the heat exchanger.

6) Check the gas pressure.

7) Clean return air filters.

8) Check the condition of the flue.

The health and safety of your family is the top priority. A cold home can cause extreme discomfort. Also, don’t forget about the comfort of your pets! Some animals and reptiles require warmer temperatures to stay healthy. One other item to consider is electronics and other devices that must be stored in conditioned spaces to keep them working. 

Another consideration is air quality. Indoor air quality becomes more of a concern in the winter months when coughs, colds and flu are more common, and doors are less likely to be left open to bring in the fresh air. 

Any heat source fuelled by natural gas will generate some carbon monoxide. If the heater does not vent the odourless gas to the outdoor space, it can be dangerous for your family.

Nortan HVAC technicians are qualified to test for the presence of carbon monoxide being emitted from your heater.

Do you feel like you are changing seasons when you change rooms in your house? Certain areas feel like the tropics, while others have you reaching for gloves and a scarf? Hot and cold spots in a home are common, but they are also annoying and possibly costly. Your house should have a comfortable room temperature throughout.

No matter what time of year you notice temperature swings in your home, you should investigate the problem as soon as possible. Correcting an imbalance in temperatures throughout your home will likely save money off your heating or air conditioning costs, and you will certainly be more comfortable.

Nortan heating and cooling can help you to identify the cause of the issue, and adjust your heating or cooling system to get you back to a comfortable, consistent temperature throughout your home or building in no time.  

Nortan is an air conditioning & heating contractors in Melbourne who has more than 25 years of experience in the industry and outstanding customer service. Nortan’s heating system services include ducted heating service, ducted heating repairs, gas heater service, gas heater repairs, urgent gas heater service in Melbourne areas. With air condition services, Nortan specialises in evaporative cooling, air conditioners regular maintenance, etc.

nortan-air-conditioning-heating-service-bookingIf you have any concerns about the safe operation of your heating or cooling system, don’t delay to request a service call.

Is Your Gas Heater Safe For Lockdown?

Now we are at home a lot more, we need to consider – is our home a safe environment for our family? A gas heater service could avoid tragedy while your family are in lockdown.

Carbon monoxide is a silent odourless killer. It is virtually undetectable, and you won’t know it is in your home until it’s too late.

Australians tend to be in and out of their homes during the day. We rarely spend long periods of time at home without venturing outdoors.

However, The Covid-19 lockdown combined with the cold winter is keeping us inside more than ever.

As a result, there is the possibility that your heater could be poisoning your family with harmful carbon monoxide. The results could be fatal.

Gas Heater Safety Check

With the Covid-19 lockdown now in force, we highly recommend you book a gas safety check of your heater unit.

The safety check not only will ensure your family is safe from potentially harmful emissions, but also will ensure that your gas heater is working to the optimal conditions. This translates to big savings on your winter heating bills – more important than ever when the whole family is at home and the heater is working non-stop.

Of course, we also can handle heater breakdowns, heating repairs, replacement of failed systems, repair of failed ductwork.

If you have reverse cycle air conditioning units that are also not working to their full capacity, a Nortan service will get it back to prime condition, and save you money.

We are trained in all types and brands of heating systems, including Brivis, Lennox, Vulcan, Braemer, Stadt, Omega, Rinnai, Daikin, Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, Toshiba, York, Carrier, Temperzone, Actron Air, Honeywell and Smart Temp. Got a brand not listed> Don’t worry, we can handle that as well.

As heating is an essential service, we are authorised to visit your home to service your heating unit. We take all necessary safety precautions including social distancing, facemasks, hand sanitiser and gloves.

Gas Heater Safety Issue Avoided in Boronia

A Nortan Air Conditioning and Heating Technician recently attended a customer’s home and found an external heater had been enclosed by a garage. Enclosing a heating unit which requires external housing created a dangerous situation, with the real possibility that when the doors are closed, a person in the garage will be overcome by combustion products and die.

Fortunately, our well-trained technician identified the dangerous installation, isolated the system and explained to the customer the dangers of the system, and the best approach to resolving the issue to ensure heating can be restored to their home as quickly as possible.

As a result, the customer has replaced the heating furnace with a more efficient Brivis SP623, which is flued externally.

Another excellent service provided by Nortan Air Conditioning and Heating.

nortan-air-conditioning-heating-service-booking If you have any concerns about the safe operation of your heating or cooling system, don’t delay to request a service call.

COVID-19 Update from Nortan

Nortan Air Conditioning and Heating is an essential services provider for breakdown and repairs in heating, ventilation and air conditioning, as defined by Consumer Affairs Victoria. During the COVID-19 pandemic we will therefore continue to provide Type A gas service technicians, plumbers, refrigeration mechanics and electricians for repair of broken-down heating equipment.

However, the health and well-being of Nortan Air Conditioning and Heating customers and technicians is our highest priority. Accordingly, we have implemented a set of measures to avoid the spread of the virus and to mitigate the risk of exposure to our HVAC technicians, including practising physical distancing.

We ask all customers to also commit to taking precautionary measures before our HVAC technician‘s attendance at their property.

Nortan Air Conditioning and Heating have implemented the following procedures to prevent exposure and transmission of COVID-19:

On-site Measures

  • Use of hand sanitiser before and after each job.
  • Disposable gloves have been provided to technicians to wear on-site when a customer is in quarantine. The gloves will be safely disposed of immediately at the completion of the job.
  • Masks are available to be used at the technician’s discretion.
  • Non-contact payment methods are in place by means of a mobile NAB facility through which you can pay using Visa or MasterCard by tapping your card.
  • Cash and cheques will not be accepted.
  • All documentation and job reports are to be completed via the technician’s company-issued smart phone.
  • All relevant information and documentation is available by email to customers.

Other Measures

  • The office will be closed to the general public with office staff enabled to work from home to manage enquiries as required.
  • Nortan Air Conditioning and Heating can assist with technical advice on the phone between 7:30am and 3:30pm Monday to Friday on 1300 305 354 or by email: reception@nortan.com.au
  • Technicians are available for call outs as required. If you require our services, we ask that you ensure you use proper hygiene practices, and also practice social distancing during our attendance.
  • Please note, priority is being given to breakdowns. Technicians are only available between 7:00am and 4:00pm to minimise the risk of exposure due to fatigue.

Customer Precautions

In the event of a technician attending your site we ask that you notify us immediately if you have:

  • Tested positive to Coronavirus
  • Developed symptoms associated with Coronavirus
  • Recently been in contact with someone diagnosed with Coronavirus
  • Recently travelled overseas

Emergency-Breakdown-Repair-Heating-AirconditioningThe Nortan Air Conditioning and Heating team is at the ready to assist you to ensure the safety and correct working of your heating and air conditioning equipment, both now and into the future. If you are unsure about the condition of your system, contact us today on 1300 305 354.

4 ways heavy rains can damage your air conditioner or heating system


So it’s now Raining! ⛈️

This is great, however, heavy rains can create issues with heating and air conditioning equipment and ductwork.

Issues that can arise with ducted heaters, space heaters, ac units and coolers include:

    1. The humidity/moisture can settle on the electrical components of the Brivis, Stadt, Vulcan, Lennox, Omega, Carrier, and Rinnai ducted heating unit causing electrical arcing and may create a situation where the electrical components will fuse. This will be noticeable as your circuit breaker or earth leakage circuit will trip. If this occurs we recommend that you do not use your system, and call Nortan 1300 305 354 for assistance.
    2. The heavy rain creates an uninhabitable environment for critters, lizards, geckos, possums, snakes and ants in your garden so they migrate into the warm dry Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Panasonic, and LG air conditioning condenser units, or Brivis, Stadt, Vulcan, Lennox, Omega, Carrier, or Rinnai ducted heating units and hydronic boilers. When this occurs in a gas ducted heater it will often block up the injectors on the gas furnace causing the system to make regular, loud banging noises. If this is occurring phone 1300 305 354 for service. When critters move into a reverse cycle air conditioner, the system will often trip the breaker or the residual current device (‘RCD’) as they can cause a short in the electrical components and wiring. If your system will not reset phone 1300 305 354 to arrange a service.


  1. If your air conditioning unit was submerged, in floodwaters, it should be replaced. Contaminants may have been present in the floodwaters; you do want to breathe in chemicals or biological pollutants in conditioned air when your air conditioning system is turned back on. It is almost impossible to adequately decontaminate flooded ductwork, which is why replacement is necessary. We also recommend you replace the ductwork if your building has been flooded. Even if your cooling unit wasn’t submerged during flooding, it may be damp enough to harbour the growth of mould, again harming the quality of air delivered by the cooling system. Flooding or partial flooding of a system may mean it is unsafe and needs assessment – phone 1300 305 354.
  2. Your gas appliance may not work properly. Water may condensate out of the gas in the gas mains. This water will then collect in low points around Melbourne restricting the gas pressure available to your gas appliances. You will be able to identify this as an issue if your gas cooktop flame surges and then dies down before surging again – this occurs as the gas bubbles through the water in the pipes. A similar issue will be associated with the moisture affecting the gas meter/regulator.If you are experiencing these types of issues, it is best to contact your local gas supply company for assistance.


nortan-air-conditioning-heating-service-bookingThe Nortan team is ready to assist you to ensure the safety and correct working of your heating and air conditioning equipment, both now and into the future. If you are unsure about the condition of your system, contact us today on 1300 305 354.

Your cooling system and the recent dust / hail storms

The recent weather conditions may have affected your system.

Dust Storm

The recent dust storm will likely have settled dust into the pads used for air cooling of your evaporative cooler.

This dust will reduce the efficiency of your system and will settle in the sump of your system blocking up your pump and water spreaders with sludge.

It is advisable to have the system cleaned, even if your cooling system has been serviced recently.

Hail Storm

The Hail storm may have damaged the cooler and the pads of your evaporative cooler. It is advisable to have these components of your cooling system assessed in the event of damage that is likely to cause water to leak into your home.

If you have a split system air conditioner, the Hail storm may have damaged the condenser coils of your equipment which will greatly reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner and may cause the system to fault due to ineffective heat transfer.


Damaged equipment can be documented by your Nortan service technician in the service report if required for insurance purposes.

Requests for a HVAC technician to attend to these issues is best by email to reception@nortan.com.au or phone 1300 305 354 Monday to Friday 8 AM to 4 PM.

We provide emergency air conditioning repair and heating repair 24 hours a day 7 days a week. These emergency repair services are available for residential and commercial properties throughout Melbourne. Book here for Emergency Air Conditioning & Heating Repair.

Is Your Evaporative Cooler Ready for Summer?

Turn this summer into a cooling season with your evaporative cooler efficiently cooling your house. Beat the dry climate, and cut down on your energy costs by servicing your cooling pads and having an efficient cooling system.

Below are a few basic steps to ensure your evaporative cooler is operating correctly, before the really hot weather hits.

  1. Clean the filter pads. Evaporative air conditioner filter pads that are not cleaned will cause your system to not cool. Here’s why:
    • Dirty evaporative cooler wet pads that aren’t wet through are unable to increase the moisture level in the air, this is how evaporative coolers keep you cool.
    • The ductwork that has lost its cover, its insulation, or its plastic sleeve allows for a lot of the heat in the roof space to transfer into the air in the ducts causing the cooler to operate less efficiently. End result: you will be hot!
  2. Ensure a window or door is open. When operating your evaporative air conditioner it is essential that you have a partially open window or door to allow the hot air to escape and cool air to circulate.
  3. Clean the Pump. Evaporative coolers need the water pump cleaned. If the pump of your evaporative cooling system is not maintained, water will not wet the pads allowing the cooler to do its job.
  4. Maintain the Fan. If the fan in your evaporate cooler makes a noise, or the fan does not work, the fan requires maintenance – repair or replacement.
  5. Maintain the Collector. The collector within your evaporative cooler also needs to be tested and tightened regularly otherwise your evaporative cooler will stop working.
  6. Check the Power. Evaporative coolers need the power to operate. If your evaporative cooler is not working, check if someone has unplugged the power supply!
  7. Maintain Drainage. If drainage is not maintained, your evaporative cooler may leak water into your house. If your evaporative cooler is leaking, turn it off immediately, then check for:
    • broken or loose tiles.
    • any damage or block in the drain.

Nortan Air Conditioning are specialists in evaporative cooling repairs and service in Melbourne. Servicing your evaporative cooler regularly is essential for you to keep cool this summer and avoid costly repairs.

Request a quote or schedule a booking from the best air conditioning service in Melbourne.

You can also call on 1300305354 to book an emergency air conditioner repair or service.

Basic Steps to Ensure your Air Conditioner is Ready for the Summer Weather

Summer is Here … We think!

Below are a few basic steps to ensure your air conditioning is operating correctly and prepare your ac before the really hot weather hits:

1. Ensure all filters have been cleaned. Air filters of your ac unit that are not cleaned will cause your system to fail! Here’s why:

  • Dirty air conditioner return filters reduce airflow and may cause the ductwork to collapse.
  • Dirty blocked split inverter air conditioner filters will cause the system to operate at a low capacity, reducing the effectiveness of your air conditioner – you won’t achieve the cool temperatures in your home that you are seeking.
  • With dirty filters, eventually, your air conditioner will break down and reduce the airflow which could be really uncomfortable on a hot day. Dirty filters can also cause your air conditioner to leak water into your roof or house, causing much damage and costly cleanup. If you require assistance and you are in Melbourne and Melbourne suburbs, please call for a Nortan air conditioning service specialist to clean or replace the filters.

2. Check batteries. Air conditioners that have remote controllers require batteries.

3. Check the power supply. Both inverter air conditioners and ducted refrigerated air conditioners need the power to cool. If your air conditioner is not cooling your home:

  • Check if someone has unplugged the power supply or turned off the power at the wall.

4. Check drainage. Aside from being caused by dirty filters in your reverse cycle air conditioner, water may leak from your air conditioner if:

  • The drain on the inverter is blocked. If you don’t know where the drain comes out you may need a HVAC technician to help you locate and clean.
  • It is also a good idea to check if the ducted air conditioner in the roof has been knocked or moved over the winter period.

Servicing your air conditioner regularly is essential for you to keep cool this hot summer and save money on costly repairs and high energy bills.

Nortan air conditioning also specialises in Daikin repair.

Request a quote or schedule a booking from the best air conditioning service in Melbourne

You can also call on 1300305354 to book an emergency air conditioner repair or service.

Common Heating & Cooling Problems

While it is still cold and breezy in Melbourne, technically speaking we are in Spring so don’t expect it to stay this way for much longer. By the time Grand Final day is here, you would have used your air conditioning at least once. Now is the time to ensure it is in working order and contains no unforeseen possums or bugs in the system!

Every year, the team at Nortan heating and cooling is called upon to assist with maintenance and system breakdowns for a wide range of heating and cooling systems within homes and workplaces across Melbourne.

Our HVAC technicians have collaborated to create a list of common causes for system failures and service requests that they have encountered throughout their careers. As you will discover, a simple check could be all that was needed to have your system back up and running again, preventing a call-out request and fee.

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Should I Repair or Replace my Air Conditioning Unit?

We discuss whether to repair or buy a new air conditioner for your home or office. You may be surprised!

“Should I replace my air conditioner?” is a question I get asked daily. Nowadays we have become quite comfortable with disposing of items at the first sign of trouble.

Maybe it’s the feeling of having something new, like a new car or lounge suite, or maybe we overuse the mindset that electrical items are not built to last anymore. Either way, if you can save money by repairing instead of replacing, then why not?

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