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Air conditioning repairs & servicing of Daikin, Lennox, Fujitsu and most other brands.


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At Nortan we understand the discomfort and distress it can cause for yourself and your family when the air conditioning stops working.


We provide air conditioning repairs & servicing throughout Melbourne.


No job is too small, and we pride ourselves on our customer service - that's speedy arrival at your home, clean and careful service delivery, and service with a smile from technicians you can trust.

Our technicians are located across Melbourne to provide you with a quick response:

  • Malvern
  • Box Hill
  • Blackburn
  • Elsternwick
  • Ivanhoe
  • Mill Park
  • Point Cook
  • Bayswater
  • Mulgrave
  • Frankston

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Keeping your heating and cooling systems running effectively all year round is vital, our air conditioning repairs and servicing will allow you to do so.

You may have a split system in need of repair or a ducted air conditioning system that requires servicing - no job is too small or too large.  We pride ourselves on our customer service - that's speedy arrival at your home, clean and careful service delivery, and friendly service from technicians you can trust. 

Popular heater and air conditioner brands which we are qualified to service include; Lennox, Daikin, Braemar, Brivis, Fujitsu, Kelvinator, LG, Stadt, Vulcan, Altise, ALC, Bonaire, Omega. Don't see your brand on the list?  That's okay - our considerably experienced technicians are very likely to have worked with your particular air conditioning system as well.

Not only will servicing and repairing your air conditioning system keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, it will reduce your costs. A poorly maintained system may still run, however, the system will have to work harder – therefore costing you more in electricity!

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Your Air Conditioning may require a service or repair if the following occurs:

  • Air Conditioning blows warm/room temperature air instead of warm
  • Less airflow than normal
  • Air conditioning needs to be set to the coldest and most powerful airflow setting to be of any use
  • Air conditioning unit is humming, without the sound of a spinning fan
  • Refrigerant Leak
  • A burning smell – possibly caused by burnt wires, loose wires or overloading
  • Any other abnormal smells or noises
  • Remote control fails to work (check the batteries first!)

Nortan recommends regular cleaning of split system filters, and removing any debris surrounding the outdoor unit. Lubrication of moving parts is vital to maintain efficiency and extend the life of your system.

We will work with your current air conditioning system to help you get the longest possible life from your unit, ensuring the return on your investment. If it really is time for a new air conditioner, we can assist you to determine the best solution for your needs, source and install the new solution.

Arrange for a Nortan technician to service or repair your air conditioning system today!


Air Conditioning Installation Melbourne


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We have provided air conditioning installation throughout many different Melbourne homes and can recommend the ideal solution to cool your home.

Many choose reverse cycle split system air conditioning. Why is that?

For many residential properties, split system air conditioning provides fantastic value for cooling one room, multiple rooms or an open plan living area. These systems cost less to purchase, less to install as they do not require duct work throughout your home, and less to operate due to the high level of energy efficiency.

The elderly and those with allergies or asthma also benefit from the features which reverse cycle split systems have for control air filtering and humidity.

Households with different temperature requirements can benefit from having multiple split system air conditioning units throughout the house, linked back to the one outdoor unit. Want to stay cosy in the lounge room, but keep the bedrooms cooler? No worries!

Many systems, such as the Daikin SkyFi, have integrated home automation technology to make your life easier. Don’t want to come home from work to a roasting hot house. Use your smartphone to turn on the air conditioning unit while you are commuting and come home to a cool house!

Don’t forget – the reverse cycle function allows for a split system to provide heating when the weather changes. We understand that living in Melbourne you need a system which can change temperature quickly and keep your household comfortable no matter what how cool or hot it is!

Arrange to speak to a Nortan cooling expert to discuss the right type of air conditioning installation in your home.